Intelligent water meter and the basic structure principle

1, intelligent water meter and the basic structure principle

Intelligent water meter is a kind of modern microelectronic technology, modern sensor technology, the intelligent IC card technology to water metering and water data transfer and settlement of transactions of the new water meter. This and the traditional water meter is typically flow collection and mechanical pointer display function of water compared to, is a big improvement. Intelligent water meter in addition to the use of water records and electronic display, can also be in accordance with the agreement on the amount of water automatic control, and automatically completes the ladder water price water calculation, at the same time can use the data storage function. Due to the data transmission and transaction settlement through the IC card, and can be implemented by the staff home parade table charge to the users themselves business fee change. IC card transaction system also has a transaction is convenient, accurate calculation, using bank settlement characteristics.

2 basic structure and principle of intelligent water meter::

Intelligent water meter water meter with the general appearance of appearance are similar, the installation process is basically the same. Intelligent water meter is easy to use, from the user's point of view, then put in to water meter of IC card card inserted. Intelligent water meter working process in general as follows: will contain the amount of IC card is inserted in the water meter of IC card reader, the computer module identification and download amount, the valve opens, the user can use water. When the user when water, water collecting device on water collection, and converted to the desired electronic signal supply microcomputer module for measurement, and in the LCD display module display. When the user's water amount is reduced to a certain value, the microcomputer module to sound an alarm, to prompt the user to purchase water card fee. If more than the water amount, then the computer module will automatically control valve closed, cutting off the water supply. Until the user inserts have been paying IC card to open the valve for water supply.

3 intelligent water meter performance index

The main technical parameters of water meter:

( 1 ) temperature: the parameter set meter using the highest temperature, the user should be the appropriate choice of specifications to meet their own needs, otherwise it will cause water to flow volume measurement allowed.

( 2) working pressure: provides maximum pressure metering water meter. Water pressure exceeds this limit, may cause damage or leakage of water meter.

( 3): including flow coefficient, maximum flow, nominal diameter nominal flow, boundary flow, minimum flow, Water Meter Coupling, starting flow. The user can choose according to the practical needs of nominal diameter and nominal flow. The initial flow reflects the meter sensitivity.

( 4) indication error.

( 5) size and weight: meter size comprises a need to understand the various parameters such as length, width, high, connection thread. In addition to the size and weight of package and transportation related.

4 test methods

Intelligent water meter is tested according to the manufacturer's technical condition and GB / T778. Project: inspection of appearance inspection ( including sizes ), hydraulic pressure test, indication error, flow measurement and the accelerated wear test. Water table is a minimum number of 3, it is necessary to increase the water table is the number, can be up to 10.

5 mark

Case on convex cast indicating flow direction arrow and nominal diameter of water meter. Dial out trademark. In the following Water meter fittings marked level measurement and manufacturing number.

The 6 packaging, storage and transportation

Each intelligent water meter shall have a separate small packaging, and can prevent the shipping and handling in the collision, water should be placed horizontally. Water meter is an apparatus, the outer packing should be marked" up"," handle with care" mark. The meter should be stored at ambient temperature for 5-40 C, air does not contain corrosive medium dry place.


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